Research Scientist


Cognitive computing refers to systems that learn at scale, reason with purpose and interact with humans naturally. For this job, we need professionals with computer vision background to apply image/video processing to cognitive solutions. The working scope includes the following but not limited:
R&D work on object detection
R&D work on image recognition and semantic analysis
Developing vision recognition system for cognitive solutions
Visualization of learning process

Ph.D. or Master majored in computer science or electronic engineering with the following skills or experience:
On hand kills of machine learning/deep learning on image processing
Passion, good communication and team work

The candidate is expect to take a prospective study in the field of cognitive computing and human-machine interaction, and to address the practical business issues. The responsibilities include algorithm research, prototype system development and the publication of papers and patents. Research activities include but not limited to: speech recognition technology, speech synthesis technology, dialogue management technology, question answering system, etc..

Group ID: IBM Research
Brands: IBM
Country: China
Job Family: Not Applicable

Type: Full-Time

Experience: Entry Level

Category: Research

Reference ID: 91139BR

Date Posted: 04/05/2017