[IBM Japan] Postdoctoral Researcher - Security Researcher



In today's rapidly changing world, security is of great concern. Companies change, undergo mergers and make acquisitions, and their information infrastructure becomes virtual. People are becoming increasingly mobile, employees work remotely from anywhere in the world, and devices are increasingly interconnected. Security technology must respond to these changes. It is no longer sufficient to guard against a single entrance to a trusted domain; rather, many and diverse connections from the untrusted outside world to the trusted domain must be protected. Our research concentrates on many aspects of information security.

Security Research focuses on developing security technologies, design methodologies, best practices and standards. The goal is to significantly raise the bar on the quality of security in products and services while simultaneously easing the overhead of developing and deploying such secure solutions. Members of the group are known for their pioneering work on a variety of topics that have led to new technologies being incorporated in IBM's products and services, definitive industry leading standards as well as publications in premier security workshops and conferences.

Focus Research Areas:

Cloud Security
Cloud computing aims at flexible scalable infrastructures using virtualized resources. Although virtualization improves efficiency and flexibility, it also introduces new threats. We mitigate these threats by means of new security technologies for protecting virtual environments. Moreover, we design novel mechanisms that provide protection levels only available in virtualized systems.

IoT Security
As the number of things connected to the Internet increases, the threats on IoT devices are increasing too. IoT Security is a hot research area, and we research to design secured IoT architecture. Our research is going to customers, making significant impacts not only in the cyber world, but also on the real physical world.

Privacy of sensitive data
Privacy on personal data is also hot topic because various types of personal data can be stored in Cloud. In particular, healthcare data is highly sensitive data that requires advanced technology to control privacy of data.Additionally, beyond applying advanced encryption technology, compliance to HIPPA regulation and fine-grained access control to privacy of data is essential.

Role as a Researcher

An IBM researcher typically has a diversified, multifaceted professional life. Clear, effective, expert communication with industry, customers, IBM communities, and even sometimes the press is important. Writing high quality research papers for journals, presenting at academic conferences, and preparing patent submissions are common tasks, all with the researchers' names clearly attached. (IBM is the global leader in patent submissions and approvals, a strong indication of how much innovation our researchers contribute to the world.) Some communication is in International English, both written and verbal, so the strongest candidates will have at least reasonable English language capabilities. We encourage researchers to meet directly with customers, including with prospective customers who may never have even thought of IBM before, to hear their unfiltered views and to understand their challenges. While we certainly have focus areas and strategic directions, we deeply respect our researchers' individual interests. History proves that many breakthroughs are “accidental,” based on researchers having the freedom and resources to pursue “hunches” to see where they lead. We believe in “happy accidents,” too.

  • Knowledge and experience in the field of IT/Security/Cloud
  • Aptitude and strong motivation for work in Research
  • Programming skills (e.g. Java, Python, Ruby, etc)
  • Published academic research papers
  • Advanced English, to work with global counterparts & teams, create documentation etc.

Group ID: IBM Research
Brands: IBM
Country: Japan
Job Family: Not Applicable

Type: Full-Time

Experience: Mid-Senior Level

Category: Research

Reference ID: 84341BR

Date Posted: 02/16/2017