2017 Research Scientist in Machine Learning


2017 Research Scientist in Machine Learning
From landing the first astronauts on the moon to the discovery of fractals, from the technology behind laser surgery to building the first cognitive system to win the Jeopardy! competition, IBM has been the spark of the technology revolutions that have shaped our world today.
At the core of IBM’s innovation are its 12 global research labs. IBM Research - Australia is a vibrant and relatively young community within IBM Research. The lab is primarily an industry solutions lab that focuses on conceiving, designing and building next generation systems that will transform health and life sciences, government sector and financial services.

IBM Research – Australia is seeking a talented research scientist to join our health and life sciences team whose mission is to invent and build technologies that have high scientific impact and clinical significance. The team is passionate about developing innovative health solutions through the application of cognitive computing. Candidates will have a strong background in machine learning and will drive projects that utilise unstructured data including but not limited to textual and/or imaging data. The successful candidate will join a multidisciplinary team focused on solving challenging problems in healthcare.

The Research Scientist generates highly novel ideas (theoretical or experimental), evaluates them, plans and is involved in their execution and implementation, invents and designs complex products and may be involved in engineering these to an advanced state of feasibility under the supervision of a manager or a senior Research Scientist. The Research Scientist disseminates, internally and externally, the results of these activities through publications, patent disclosures, seminar participation and seminars. They will represent IBM at professional meetings, in professional societies and universities and keep technically abreast of the literature and progress within their specific and related areas of expertise.

The candidate should have a proven track record of original and creative research with a deep knowledge of computer science and machine learning with experience in text analytics and/or medical image analysis.

Required Skills:
  • Ph. D. in relevant discipline (e.g. Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics)
  • Demonstrated expertise in programming (Java, python, C++, etc.)
  • Track record of research publications in high-quality journals and conferences
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to engage effectively with local and global teams
  • Previous experience in analysing unstructured (images, text, etc.) data in healthcare.

· Ph. D. in relevant discipline (Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics)
· Track record of research publications in high-quality journals and conferences
· Proven ability to collaborate in research teams
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills
· Ability to work with and maintain close connections with other teams around the world

Group ID: IBM Research
Brands: IBM
Country: Australia
Job Family: Not Applicable

Type: Full-Time

Experience: Entry Level

Category: Research

Reference ID: 86985BR

Date Posted: 03/05/2017