Why IBM?


IBMers bring out the forward-thinker in all people. That's because we're in the business of making the world work better. Not just envisioning a better world. Not just building the technology for that. But actually delivering results and making it work better. Making it work smarter.


At IBM, employees have the opportunity to change the way the world works — literally. That is, the systems and processes that enable:


For the first time in history, almost anything can become digitally 'aware' and interconnected. Smart airports, smart banks, smart roadways, smart cities — with so much technology available at such a low cost, the list of possibilities is endless.


The world is at a critical inflection point. We know we are all now connected economically, technically and socially. But being connected is not sufficient. We also have to infuse intelligence into our systems and ways of working. The world is smaller, flatter, faster. We think it can be smarter, too.


At IBM, you will have the opportunity to work for the world. We strive to attract imaginative and innovative individuals seeking careers without boundaries.


IBM offers a wealth of businesses from which to choose. Whether you're interested in consulting or computing, research or retail, software or sales, there's something for you at IBM.

As a new hire or intern, you can find opportunities in: